Monday, January 08, 2007

the dance of the dissident daughter

this is the title of a book presently changin my life. it is by sue monk kidd.

for any woman looking for a new book, on a spiritual journey, or desiring a more intimate connection with HerSelf, check out this book!!

tonight's quote? "still i rise"


(from the word's of maya angelou)

how many times have you felt like tossing in the towel? falling in line? just being quiet to satisfy status quo? being status quo?

no mo. no more. what if you, especially you women, allowed this mantra to rise like steam from within you...still i rise.

may you rise to your new voice, especially to greet old silence. may you purposely and acceptingly allow yourself to not be 'perfectly in line.' may you rise to the occassion of dancing to your own drum. may you rise to the occassion of the "ineffabily glorious privilege of being" (john g. neihardt). rise. the time has come. you are goddamn mirror necessary.


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