Wednesday, October 25, 2006


got questions?

i do. i think i always will. questions are like the breath in a life worth really living.

lately i have been asking, and allowing myself to really hear, some tough questions. they have been 'tough' in that they deal with beliefs i hold dear, people i hold dear or characteristics of my personality i hold dear. so in asking the question (and truly being open to the answer) i risk seeing a need for change.

yes, change. do you know what i find myself feeling amidst these questions and answers? humility. gratitude. anger. sadness. i've found myself crying for 'no reason' or angry for 'no reason' or quiet from the inside out with a sense of my smallness.

i don't see any of this as negative. instead i see these questions, answers and willingness to embrace them both as ...humblingly beautifying. (check it out, these both may be two new words.) i guess we'll all find and possibly pursue what we feel helps us to eminate more of our innate beauty. and cheers to that worthy pursuit with integrity.

tonight...may you allow yourself to truly ask the burning question within you (be it outloud in a relationship or in the silence with yourself or your G.o.d.). may you allow yourself to gently hear the answer. may you respond to the new answers with gentleness, humorous humility, and support. may your beauty radiate from the inside out with your own approval as a catalyst.


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