Monday, October 30, 2006


c'mon. tis time to 'give it up' for what's good...

.honored priorities (aka really doing what you know is important to do)
.eating foods delectable in texture, too
.regular bowel movements
.a heated home
.excitement about my research paper on leadership
.dear friends with whom i can genuinely connect with
.precious family members
.grace to change
.that 70's show
.laughter when it is needed most

may a memory of all that is good or improved, be remembered.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

learn to share.

then, just do it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


got questions?

i do. i think i always will. questions are like the breath in a life worth really living.

lately i have been asking, and allowing myself to really hear, some tough questions. they have been 'tough' in that they deal with beliefs i hold dear, people i hold dear or characteristics of my personality i hold dear. so in asking the question (and truly being open to the answer) i risk seeing a need for change.

yes, change. do you know what i find myself feeling amidst these questions and answers? humility. gratitude. anger. sadness. i've found myself crying for 'no reason' or angry for 'no reason' or quiet from the inside out with a sense of my smallness.

i don't see any of this as negative. instead i see these questions, answers and willingness to embrace them both as ...humblingly beautifying. (check it out, these both may be two new words.) i guess we'll all find and possibly pursue what we feel helps us to eminate more of our innate beauty. and cheers to that worthy pursuit with integrity.

tonight...may you allow yourself to truly ask the burning question within you (be it outloud in a relationship or in the silence with yourself or your G.o.d.). may you allow yourself to gently hear the answer. may you respond to the new answers with gentleness, humorous humility, and support. may your beauty radiate from the inside out with your own approval as a catalyst.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

just breathe.

may you breathe into your most challenging decisions. may you embrace yourself, your growth and your possiblities with gentle acceptance. may you allow the potential of all those who surround you, love you, care about you, or interact with you, to shine. may you risk thinking the absolute best about yourself, your neighbor and those you love most. may you find deep peace amidst the ambiguity and wonder of life's journey. may humor and clarity prevail.

just breathe.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

in good company.

tonight, and throughout most of today, i kept good company. i can't help but think how this fact has been helped by my own willingness to keep better company with and within myself.

i toasted to wellness tonight in the midst of the wellness that already exists in our lives. perhaps it is wellness in relationships, exercise, habits of happiness, good study habits, asking for help, mentorships of integrity, priorities of worth, acceptance of self, etc, etc, etc. the point is: toast to what is good here and now.

i also want to honor a profound truth that burst forth in one of my relationships. i feel utterly speechless, grateful and amazed at the possibilities in relationships, truth, and humility. more specifically, i am amazed by the power of humility in gently admitting assumptions.

so tonight, i toast again to yet more wellness in the form of truth and acceptance, instead of deception and control.

tonights toast to you: may you truly allow yourself to find and notice what is worth toasting in your life. may you allow yourself to be, feel, and act with truth, integrity, and acceptance for all that you are. may you be granted the courage to truly change what you can change for the sake of allowing even more wellness into this ever expanding circle of life...cheers.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


according to an intermission is:
"...a period during which action temporarily ceases; an interval between periods of action or activity: They studied for hours without an intermission."

here's to all the intermissions we choose to take or make that allow us to return to our actions and activities with a greater sense of self, purpose and awareness.

tonight's intention for you: may you surrender to the intermissions you need most, are being given or need to ask for. may you see what it is you are most needing to see, hear what you are most needing to hear, say what you are most needing to say and above all, accept what you are most needing to accept as you rest into your inter/inner-mission.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


ever felt like you are invited to engage in too many things, activities, relationships? i have or sometimes i still do.

today, after being invited to do something i love (play volleyball), studying for a chemistry exam, having lunch with my dear and precious cuz, and taking a management exam, i called a mentor-friend to discuss a new way of looking at making decisions.

there had to be a better way of seeing and choosing in life than just feeling overwhelmed, pressed and zoomed through it. indeed there is another way. the secret to this 'other way' is priorities.

yeah, people say the word. i say the word. however, tonight i challenge us to truly have the courage to not only know our priorities (in our personal, social, work, school and spiritual lives) but also to pursue our priorities, especially when it's 'crunch time.'

tonight's well-wishing: may you see your own life as your own, to be both lived and shared. may you give yourself permission to have, know and take action for your priorities. may your worries begin to be transformed into dreams of priorities come true in contentment.

thanks for stoppin by.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


ever considered the potential power a partnership can hold, foster and create?

consider it now if you've never done it before. granted, the most we can come forward as is a human being, filled with irony of wanting the best yet being prone to simply learning through mistakes, too. but truthfully, what is it that devoting time to a partnership (or partnerships as they can also occur with a job, school, sport, hobby, mentor) truly brings or fosters?

ever considered it can bring a lightness? new perspective? a worthy challenge? practice in being truthful with yourself? an opportunity to truly give and/or receive? freedom? fun? bliss? laughter? great conversations? open communication? genuine support? a friend? a lover? a mentor? and more?

blessings for tonight: may you open yourself to the gentle truth of who you truly and fully are. may you then find, within your own truth, partnerships of support, integrity and energy that maximize the quality of your journey here...and allow you to add quality to the journey of the partnership. may you look beyond yourself at times. may your rest your mind into a partnership of positive expectations and hope for gentle progress in all things.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


besides the all-too-common-busyness, where is your life overflowing? or, perhaps, you are not busy...where is your life overflowing anyway?

do creative ideas flock to you?
easy naps?
ideas for improvement?
good books?
fulfilling opportunities for work, leisure, play?
supportive relationships?
a willingness to do what really works?
acceptance and gentleness?
happy children?
enjoyable company?
open conversation?
stellar music?
beautiful men/women/children/students

consider the overflow that is worth considering.

p.s. tonight's topic is brought to us on a wave of inspiration from the growing traffic in my "God box" :)

an evening blessing: may you rest your head on a comfortable pillow, your worries in the calm acceptance of delicious ambiguity, your feet upon a supportive resting spot, your heart in openness to a Love to you and from you, and your mind into a peaceful release of all unnecessary replays of that which has happened or is yet to come.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

a God box?

yep. a wise friend recommended i begin utilizing a "God box". no, the idea is not to put God into a box. (how silly would that be? who does that?)

instead, the idea is to take a box that is meaningful to you (from a cigar box, shoe box, wooden box or even a cereal box, but preferably nothing like a coffin or refrigerator box) and transform it into a somewhat-message-center.

here's a scenario. let's say i have a fret. i know it's a fret because i constantly think about it, worry about it, wonder about it. now, i can write down what i am fretting about (with as much specificity as possible) and place it in the box.

this placement is symbolic of me giving myself the 'ok' to let go of the fret. in essence, it is as if i am putting my fret into the hands of a loving universe or "God." if i simply can't go without worrying about the fret, i can retrieve the dated piece of paper from the box and ruminate on it for a few minutes...only to allow myself to let it go when the time (two minutes) is up.

supplies needed:
scrap paper

date the paper
be specific
try out a willingness to let go of unnecessary ruminating
just do it

try something which might absolutely increase the quality of your life.
i dare you.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

returning home.

how ironic is humanity? that word, humanity, must just be another word for 'ironic.' why am i saying this? let me tell you.

after being asked if or why i was no longer blogging by at least three different people within a month, i decided to really let the question settle in. i had just let it, blogging, go. i stopped making it a priority. no need to fuss over it, but what does deserve extra attention is the RETURN!!!!

such is life. let's celebrate what's really and truly worth celebrating! being able to feel comfortable in who you are (despite fearful moments), being able to share life with friends, family or a partner, truly enjoying the people you invest time with, the opportunity to be in school and to be developing into who you are as a person, enough food to throw a party, clothes that not only fit, but that are cute/handsome, or how about good conversation, a little more self-acceptance, a little more truth, an improved argument that enriches your life, a soft bed, a computer in your home, having a job, loving your job (admit it), ...?

or how about the simplicity of being able to call on and support individuals who are absolutely stellar in their own splendid way?

so here's to returning to the memory of all that is REALLY worth remembering, replaying and savoring.
a prayer for you tonight: may you snuggle into the lap of forgiveness as you let yourself return to the joy, the relationships, the activities and the gentle thoughts that started thumping through your innocence when you first arrived here. may your memories of goodness, truth and sheer humor be a steady replay in your 'noggen'/soul. sweet remembering tonight...