Monday, August 21, 2006

here comes the new attitude!

how corny does that sound?

c'mon, even i think it sounds a bit cornball-ish. however, there is truth in it. recently i have been challenged (and accepted the challenge) of changing my attitude. as i begin a new school and new relationships it is time for the past to be fertilized and recycled into something new, serving and beautiful.

instead of pity, here comes gratitude and reaching out.
instead of selfishness, here comes a willingness to listen and learn and share with others.
instead of doubt, here comes confidence and positive expectations.
instead of worry, here comes trust and solid action.
instead of depression, here comes uplifting thoughts and solid action.
instead of laziness or haste, here comes expending energy and accepting challenges with a vision of action.

what situation do you want to change most?

now that you've thought of it (and you know what it is), change your attitude about it or towards it. i dare you. be grateful for one aspect of it and move forward with yourself.

a prayer for you tonight: may you rest into your own bones, blood and soul to be your authentic self, trading guilt for acceptance, blame for responsiblity and doubt for appreciation. may you speak with your Voice and act on what is beautiful, true and whole.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

authentic self.

today's blog is dedicated to being my authentic self from this moment forward. this means believing in the best for and with others, in each siutation and of myself. this means being truthful, accepting and humble. this means finding and living from a joy that eminates from that state of being which only knows authenticity, a childlikeness. today i really experienced moments of this and i now raise my invisible glass of edelweiss wine to toast its reoccurrence and growing strength. why? cuz it's through being this, authentic, freedom is at its peak and life is most mysteriously beautiful, fun, abundant and creative...leaving the results to just be stellar (perhaps not immediately).

Monday, August 14, 2006

options of bliss.

here are a few gateways to bliss i have either encountered or will soon encounter...
soft kisses
words to savor
genuine compliments, given or received
genuine listening, questioning and connecting
partnering up with a real gem
being true to myself (following my gut and speaking my truth with confidence and humility if necessary)
an intense workout, laced with sweat
a homecooked quesadilla on a tomato basil tortilla
an unforgettable vacation to europe
" " to jamaica
laughing cuz something is really funny
showing care
setting and respecting a deep felt boundary
receiving feedback and not taking it personal

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

two words.

good. night.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the universe.

what if, just what if, all the power, strength and flow assembled and bubbling in the universe, bubbles within each of us?

what would you do with it (the power, strength and flow)?

would you be scared? (cuz, at first this seems a bit scary to me) if so, how would you face or conquer the fear?

my prayer for you tonight:
may you truly embrace the power that you possess and are, the power to create and destroy, to ignite and depress, to feel and to supress. may you dance with your universal energy and feel the joy of the movement. in other words, may you find avenues to 'get on' with life from areas where you may have been stuck or simply scared. you deserve all the best.

Monday, August 07, 2006

one step at a time. baby steps.

i just returned from a roadtrip and backpacking trip, topped with a rafting trip in both wyoming and colorado. these little legs mounted the snowy range peak and these precious arms have weaved the rapids of the peuter river.

among the many lessons learned, one of the most beautiful is the lesson to take baby steps, especially in the midst of steep inclines. in more 'everyday' terms: when i am faced with a huge decision or big project or intimate relationship, i can take it slow and gentle, taking the next best step whether it be a) taking time away to clear old, unfinished business b) reading some jokes c) watching a new movie d) doing the 'homework' e) asking that person that question or f) none/all of the above.

today is a journey, so is tomorrow. travel gently.

here is my night's wish/prayer for you.
may you truly feel that emotion that has laid restless, yet dormant within you for too long. upon letting it speak or whisper, may you experience the freedom that only acceptance and listening can offer. may a gentle giggle from the belly of the universe re-emerge into and through you.

good night it is.