Sunday, July 30, 2006

the results are in.

i said i'd report on a few results in previous blogs, so here is my follow thru.

the garage sale/loving the day:
the garage sale was stellar. after waking up an hour late, i remember the mantra i promised myself to try (i love today). i took a few deep breaths, made my gratitude list and went forth with first things first. little by little, the day showed me love. my mom helped out, neighbor ron shared his presence, not to mention neighbor mel and my dad helping out, too. a steady stream, starting at 6:45 am flowed through our eclectic stage of uniques. i bargained and even offered an afternoon sale; customers had the option of filling one grocery bag for $3. the deal worked well for quite a few and made my customers feel good about their purchases. it was a win-win situation. before the sale closed, i had sipped some wine, chatted, relaxed in the shade with my neighbors, napped and reacquainted with an old friend. did i mention it was the best garage sale i've ever been part of AND we were financially successful!

i journaled my gratitudes about my situation...and it worked. i see my situation differently, more open-mindedly, gently and compassionately. please, give gratitude a try if you really want some relief in life. get a notebook and commit to investing 4-15 minutes per morning and evening to get specific about the gifts in your life (including the gifts within the 'situation').

cha'll, life is good. let it be.


ruthless: to go forth fearlessly. a long time friend, recently re-acquainted, has introduced me to this word. it's not that i've never heard the word before, i just never really put it into context.

ever thought of yourself as ruthless? it's ok. consider daydreaming yourself as being ruthless your work, play, friendships, love life, service, family, etc.

it can be an utterly positive adjective you can use in your next job interview when they ask, "what are three adjectives you'd use to describe yourself?"

passionate. ruthless. faith-filled.

tis time to continue reconnecting with all the beauty in life, via relationships, sounds, sights, touches, scents, tastes and hobbies that infuse us/me with genuine life.

cha'll, a potential piece of wisdom. never underestimate the power of a woman's neck, especially with a simple kiss. fellas, speak for yourselves.

o, goodnight

ps, is the 'x' or the 'o' the kiss in xoxo?

Friday, July 28, 2006

tomorrow, tomorrow...

i love ya, tomorrow...

yeah, let's try it. when i say "it", i mean, to wake up and experiment with what it feels like to love the day. as i begin tomorrow, at 4 am with our garage sale, i'll do it, think it and believe it. if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and rummage through the love (wink).

results to be reported later. good night moon.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

the power in relationships.

more and more i realize and value the power of relationships. today my aunt and uncle sat with me, chatted, discussed and stirred the pot of wisdom with me. i sought their experience and wisdom with the intention of moving into a new experience of life. it was an honor to be present to my desire to listen, to their company and to the humor we shared.

after sharing, listening and laughing, i attended the five, i mean three, hour movie, pirates of the caribbean ii. the eyeshadow looks great on johny. no complaints here. what i did value about the movie was an insight related to the 'compass.' in the movie, the compass will only direct Captain when he knows what he wants. this concept is the very concept presented in a new movie called 'the secret.' in other words, once we know what we want, direction, relationships and things align (the compass points in that direction). so here's to first knowing what we want, THEN looking to the compass... instead of looking to the compass (or whatever the compass may represent to us) first to find what we want.

the cherry on top of this whole day was the dynamic that only relationships can bring. more specifically, i am grateful for the points of view that others have brought and bring to my life that i may have completely over looked had it not been presented to me. i am also grateful for those who i am able to share my point of view with.

tis time to associate with the beauty of the existence before and within me...and tickle the relationships among me. mmmwa.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


has anyone else been experiencing quite a bit of change?
has anyone else considered how much this change is moving us, potentially, to a more beautiful place (within)?

to be truthful, i am now seeing not only the beauty and potential for positive growth in how i think, communicate and act, but also the future ramifications and ease that my current circumstances and how i handle them, can bring.

when faced with a challenging situation, whether it be a friend, family member, roommate or other situtation, consider swallowing it up in gratitude.

for the next three days, every morning and night take your 'issue' and gratify it up. list at least 10 things you are grateful for about it, him, her or yourself (whatever your specific issue is). i have my issue and i am experimenting. morning and night until at least sunday morning i will be offering up my gratitude tsunami.

the intention is to provide an avenue for me and u to return to joy in the midst of our issues all the while acknowledging emotion and the power it carries. first we change our emotion, then life responds.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

growing pains.

a few days back a friend was telling me how he would wake up some mornings feeling achy. it was during the time period his bones were going nutz...growth spurts were occurring. the growth was literally, a small pain.

today i sensed the same thing, emotionally. my bones are well stretched and now my emotions strive to catch up. after a conversation, and genuinely listening, i felt hurt, frustrated and a simultaneous 'growing pain'. tears rolled down my face. hmm, a friend once told me, tears are windshield wipers for the soul. dear friend, thank you for those wise, timeless words.

it is that, soul cleansing and releasing, that i move farther into.

follow your bliss (said joseph campbell and i second that).

Sunday, July 23, 2006


no more boxes, please.

i say this referencing all the tendencies to put myself, others or situations into predictable 'boxes.' please, what i ask for now is a fun experience of life in which each person, including myself, and each situation can present its own potential, whatever that may be, with a surrounding sense of play.

today i wept. writing this, i think clearly of the scripture that said of jesus, 'he wept.' it is a humbling and refreshing action. this means i am feeling. i am rolling with life and that i am going through with it instead of just standing along the glass-boxed-in sidelines.

tonight i am honoring the emotion of sadness. notice that i did not say depression, anger or numbness, cuz these are all feelings, too. i specifically choose to honor sadness tonight on behalf of all people who are truly or did truly feel sad this weekend. it can be a deep, nearly heavy emotion to feel. now i realize sadness, when felt, can quickly be transformed into gratitude, inspiration or restfulness.

a friend of mine arrived home from camaroon africa yesterday. tonight we celebrated her arrival in the company of pleasant women and her family. i felt grateful to be in the presence of a family that values, makes time for and communicates securely with each other. did i mention her mom's cooking is wonderful, too?

so for tonight, i honor the feeling of sadness and the absolutely irreplacable relationships in my life.

Friday, July 21, 2006

instead of...

instead of dwelling on the unrest, odd happenings of tonight, i dwell on all i've learned and all it has helped me realize i want, such as friends i genuinely appreciate, acknowledge and enjoy.

i could focus on the negatives or the positives, the good desires and possibilities of my life. it is ultimately my choice, and this choice will affect my life's unfolding.

i feel grateful for wisdom fused. life is beautiful.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


"if you never make your mind up we'll never get started..." (cake)

what if this is exactly what the Universe/Great Spirit is eagerly yet patiently, excitedly yet calmly, and firmly saying to us?

i can only speak for myself when i say, ok, i am getting the message.

tonight we had a party to share the company of my cuz who is in town from portland, oregon. my uncle and i, who were both there, talked and shared wisdom and life experience. it was like scrapbooking with words, making the lessons learned thus far more permanent and memorable in my mind.

here is a most precious recap:
know yourself, love yourself and trust yourself.
once you truly start to love and honor yourself, guard yourself and be patient (especially with relationships)
expect the best
go and discover your unique, individual path. then take the risk and follow it.
follow your bliss.
let go of needs to care-take and heal others. instead move forward, focusing on the next best solution for the situation. (for example, if i meet an individual who i am not enjoying, it is ok and lovely to simply move on, expecting an even better match. instead of dwelling on how a relationship didn't work, the goal is to shift focus to what i do want a working relationship to be, to adapt myself to prepare and participate in that relationship. in other words, to follow my bliss instead of control it.

i challenge you to make your mind up with that area of your life which you have allowed to be blocked, plugged or de-blissed. set your bliss free. make your mind up for what you DO want.

i shall walk forward, heeding my own advice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

do one thing every day

that scares you. who knows who said this?

what is it that scares us? the unknown of the outcome? rejection? absolute joy? bliss?

this is part of today's lesson/insight for me. recently i have started my own business (check out this journey, of serving others and offering opportunities, both utilizes and challenges my gifts while reaching out and into the larger community.

for example, now i talk to people i may not have normally talked to on a daily basis. or i may ask questions i may not have normally asked. is this bad or good?

i think this answer comes down to perspective. for me, it's neither good nor bad, just beautiful when i let it be. why beautiful? cuz when i step into a new action or relationship with the intention of facing my fears and sharing something beautiful, then life unfolds at a new level.

tonight, after asking my client a question i feared asking, i found myself offering more genuine service and receiving more valuable information to be able to serve my client better. had i not faced the fear and asked the question, i could not have shared a possible solution. so i dare you, do something everyday that is outside of the (glass) box:)

lesson two, believe in the power of your dreams.
i had recently been focusing on sharing delicious meals with truly delightful company (instead of quick fix meals at home alone). what happened today? delightful company called inviting me to a delicious, high protein, homecooked meal.

with all sincerity, dream on.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

blooming glass box.


could it be?

a glass box that blooms?

well, whether you believe it or not, that's what happening with this young woman. the topic of today: emotions, the fertilizer.

today i realized that i had been living an emotionally 'glass' life. i lived as if i could survive through a glass box. this living situation allowed others to see me and me to see them, but it involved little touch, communication or interaction beyond the 'wall'. this may all sound cold and depressing and to be frank, that's how i felt some days...and that's ok.

the grand lesson i am learning is that people i really admire, bloom beyond their 'boxes' and can feel, interact with and touch life, as well as BE touched by life. i cried for no reason last week. i laugh without reason. i feel absolutely frustrated and confused some days. the difference NOW is that i allow myself to feel these emotions AND i communicate them gently and directly (which often deepens and strengthens my relationships) OR do an activity to help me return to a satisfying emotional plain.

according to abraham hicks, it is our emotions which can ultimately guide us and create our reality...instead of vice versa. for example, on a cd abraham was helping a young man find direction for his life. abraham asked a clarifying question of the man. do you like to _____________? if he didn't like it, abraham recommended the man let it go and instead move forward in those areas he DID like. he liked studying biology, but he didn't like the idea of getting his house in order.

and so with all this being said, i feel grateful and energized to tap dance with my fingers, thoughts and wisdom-of-the-day tonight. i do quite like it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

give what you want to receive.

yep, that's right.

give what you want (to receive). i think i first heard this concept presented in a book called a course in miracles. what a unique concept it first appeared to be...until i started trying it!

try it next time you find yourself wanting.
want to be around happier people? be a happier person towards another.
want to be listened to? listen to others.
want someone to buy you lunch? buy someone else lunch.
want a new friend who's fun, truthful, and positive? be fun, truthful and positive to another person.
want to be successful in your life? help another succeed.
want more money? give 10% or any amount away freely.

this sounds cliche. just try it. pay it forward. what is the worst we have to lose?

even as i sit and write these little stories at night, i am reminded of what i want to be remember and repeat. afterall, are we not always remembering and repeating? why not take responsibility and ownership of my repetition and transform it into a beautiful pattern of giving, sharing and receiving?

i have no good objections. it is settled! i am now pledging to take full responsibility for the thoughts and actions i remember and repeat each day. pledge with me if you like...

i, _______________, pledge from this day forward, to take full responsibility for the thoughts and actions i remember and repeat each day. i accept and embrace that my life, from this day forward, is a result of my thoughts and actions. with respect, i move forward knowing this.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


every felt de-fused? i have. in fact, many a moments of my past were filled with dis-ease. i felt a lack of connection between what i felt, what i thought and/or what i did.

now, moving forward, is the time for fusion. i share those things and ideas which i need most to receive and learn. so here goes...

according to the emotional intelligence activity book, "fusion is putting all the different parts of your brain and identity together. it melds your greatest attributes (i.e., personal, pyschological, intellectual, ethical, creative...). fusion occurs when you combine cognitive, emotional and creative energies. the result: an intense burst of energy, power, efficacy, and a total absorption into your task or project" (p.98).

in order for this flow or fusion, a person's skills must come into action to meet an adequate challenge. when skill meets challenge in action, fusion flows.

so what? when was the last time you noticed time disappear (because you were so engrossed in what you were doing)? honor this moment. be grateful for it. it will then be welcome to repeat itself.

for me, i discover fusion through outdoor physical activities like trail-hiking, walking or jogging, roller blading, playing volleyball, leading a group, in-class yoga, painting with acrylics and writing, but also in the presence of an individual who both communicates from the heart and listens (or laughs) from the heart.

fellow readers and sojourners, it's time to fuse, to embrace the fragments of our lives and move forward. when we take ownership, we fuse and burst forth.

burst your star;)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

'tell me what you want...'

lately, i have hearing or at least have been reminded, that we are always moving towards something, someone, etc. even if we are not aware of it, our thoughts cause life to provide, whether we realize it or not.

if this is unclear, ask questions and we'll begin breaking this down. or check out tut.

so here is tonight's first dedications or questions. what is it you are moving towards? (note, I am not asking what you don't want. I AM asking what you DO want.) what do you want?

what do you want?
what DO you want?
WHAT do you want?
what do YOU want?
what do you WANT?

perhaps, for an instant of this mystical experience called life, allow yourself to hear yourself voice inner desires. my voice was a bit rusty/raspy. give it time. it is time, at least for me, to move forward into dreams i choose this time with more awareness. (cuz we are always getting what we want, it is just a matter of becoming aware of what we now want and changing our focus onto what we want more often, gently and passionately).