Monday, January 08, 2007

the dance of the dissident daughter

this is the title of a book presently changin my life. it is by sue monk kidd.

for any woman looking for a new book, on a spiritual journey, or desiring a more intimate connection with HerSelf, check out this book!!

tonight's quote? "still i rise"


(from the word's of maya angelou)

how many times have you felt like tossing in the towel? falling in line? just being quiet to satisfy status quo? being status quo?

no mo. no more. what if you, especially you women, allowed this mantra to rise like steam from within you...still i rise.

may you rise to your new voice, especially to greet old silence. may you purposely and acceptingly allow yourself to not be 'perfectly in line.' may you rise to the occassion of dancing to your own drum. may you rise to the occassion of the "ineffabily glorious privilege of being" (john g. neihardt). rise. the time has come. you are goddamn mirror necessary.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

a new recipe

the time came...for a new recipe.

i find myself wanting to cook better things for myself. in such a case, my old cookbooks from small towns and old high schools don't always do the trick of providing appropriate recipes (especially if that means using vegetarian-ish and easy-on-the-white-sugar).

what to do? seek new horizons or resources! thank goodness one of my professors was willing to share an idea...pumpkin scones (using acorn squash, too). the turn out? scrumptuous and healthy, too!

so what? so, it is a beautiful action to be able to embrace a bit of a lifestyle change (cooking from new recipes and utilizing new resources) and actually enjoying the outcome. plus, being humble enough to ask for help is delectable in itself.

on a more unique scale, we can create our own new recipes for living.
perhaps add a nap, combine with a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, drizzle with a shared dinner and cut in some meaningful work. blend well. add a self-responsible attitude for extra flavoring;)

if it's that time of year for you, too, in which you find yourself looking for something new and fresh...may you find life's new recipe or create your own.

Friday, December 15, 2006


where did that word even originate? all i know is that, in my opinion, carpooling is a lost art.

last night three friends and i re-igniting those pre-teen memories of carpooling (picking up the other people you would have been meeting up with instead of just meeting them 'there'). in fact, because we carpooled to el aguila, i was able to get to know a new side of my friends, introduce them to each other, and enjoy having a designated driver while i enjoyed a celebratory frozen margarita.

so what? so what! the point is...i urge you to consider carpooling the next time you're going out, especially if it's with new people who may have never met before. of course, use your own judgement and above all, enjoy yourself in the midst of great company.

for tonight: may you realize that truly the best company doesn't need entertaining, but can create it cooperatively. may you embrace company that can and does...create, including the company within yourself!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"would you light my candle?"

so many insights and revelations lately. so many...

thank goodness for my willingness to listen and for the soul-ears of those who help me digest such fine soul food. :)

in other words, i have realized that the world and all its people, does not need nor rely on me for validation. greatness, confidence, comfort, acceptance are ready for the 'taking.' these beautiful qualities of life do not rely on my granting them, but are just available. what this means is more living and letting others live.

also...a friend helped me really realize what i look for in a life partner...his truth. i used to think i'd fall in love with 'this' or 'that' aspect of him. and just today as i was driving, i realized that i am looking for an individual who lives their truth, and whose truth is naturally attractive and complimentary to my own truth. this means that foundations are laid upon truth, acceptance, and trusting/enjoying each other as we are instead of wishing or manipulating changes in either of us.

what is it you are looking for?
what will you do when 'it' arrives?

for tonight: may you (your candle) truly be lit. may you accept your worthiness as a human being (perhaps even a 'child' of something bigger than all of us) journeying here and may you embrace the time/opportunities you have to learn to love, trust, and enjoy yourself.

Friday, December 01, 2006

detach and move on.

the time has detach with love from the things, people, and places that i cannot control or change. i used to think loving was feeling what other people felt, being in their shoes, etc. now, thanks to some wise friends, i am realizing love is about me, too. i can love me as much as i love my family and friends. and the difference this reveals is in the actions i show towards others and myself. i no longer need to 'wallow' in the sorrow of others or myself, but i can show care and concern. i no longer need to surrender boundaries or ideas, but i can show care and concern by honoring and sharing my thoughts and setting my boundaries.

so will this be easy? perhaps not. will it be simple? if i let it be. will it be worth it? (and if worth it means learning how to love a bit better...) absolutely.

may you find and wallow in authentic love in action.

Monday, October 30, 2006


c'mon. tis time to 'give it up' for what's good...

.honored priorities (aka really doing what you know is important to do)
.eating foods delectable in texture, too
.regular bowel movements
.a heated home
.excitement about my research paper on leadership
.dear friends with whom i can genuinely connect with
.precious family members
.grace to change
.that 70's show
.laughter when it is needed most

may a memory of all that is good or improved, be remembered.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

learn to share.

then, just do it.